Sunday, January 7, 2018

D's Relationship and Being a Pro-Domme

     It's not easy being in a D's relationship especially being a Domme Myself.  My Sir and I both have very dominant personalities and both of us are used to getting what we want so it does cause some problems in the relationship. My Sir is the only one I bottom for and will probably only be the only one I ever bottom for. I don't have a problem with the sadistic shit because I am a sadist Myself. The problem is I hate being told what to do by anyone and I have a real problem with authority and I always have. I am argumentative, bratty when I don't get what I want, opinionated,  headstrong, and independent and I have a problem following orders or any kind of chain of command.  A plus to Me having a Sir is that the sadistic stuff has helped me realize what I put out to those who come and kneel before me and it has made me a better Domme. My Sir says he doesn't want someone who is just a "rollover", someone who just says ok to everything, so he really has his work cut out for him dealing with me and truthfully I doubt if I will ever make a good submissive for Him.  Well anyway, what fun is it for a dominant to have a submissive that is meek and mild anyway? I think it's more fun to dominate someone who is strong-willed.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Exxxotica Expo Denver Colorado!

Exxxotica in Denver Colorado was the best time ever!!! Here I am with Ms. Lady. Miss Lisa and Miss Lydia at the expo! Mistress Kye was there as well but we missed Her for this pic. I hope we get to go back next year!!