Sunday, September 11, 2016


He was doing so well talking to me about his foot fetish until he told me he hopes he can give me some good dick lol! That's hilarious and I think the best punishment for talking like that would be to tie him up, sit him in a corner to watch a man who actually knows how to fuck, fuck me ;)

Friday, September 9, 2016

Service to a Dominant Woman

Service to a Dominant Woman is serving Her needs, not yours. you might not like some of the activities but so what, it's for Her pleasure, not yours. you might not like the clothing She picked out that day, but so what, it's for her convenience and for Her to be comfortable, not for your convenience or for you the submissive to be comfortable. I will say it now and I will say it again, it is not the clothing or the equipment that makes a Domme, Mistress or what have you, it's Her attitude. If She knows how to take command and dominate you in a pair of sneakers and sweatpants then just shut your mouth. I don't suggest always wearing sneakers and sweatpants but some submissives will actually ask if you can wear that especially in a ballbusting session. A pair of jeans, great looking shoes, and a nice top have been requested by submissives in the past as well. A real Domme doesn't need to show Her tits, ass, and pussy for attention because She knows She doesn't need to do that. It's up to you the submissive to get Her attention, to show that you aren't a wannabe and you are different from the rest. Honestly, if you feel that a Domme should dress a certain way and She doesn't have the outfit you like then maybe you should gift it to Mistress but don't sit there and demand Mistress to wear something just so you are satisfied. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Not My Thing But To Each Their Own

Bipoly: Someone who is bisexual and polyamorous
Cellular family: Group of three or more partners living as a family
Clan: Multi-partner grouping of at least five people
Compersion: Opposite of jealousy, a feeling of deep plea­sure when your partner is with one of his or her other lovers
Condom contract: Agreement between polyamourous members to use condoms with sexual partners outside of the agreement
Cowboy: Someone in a polyamorous relationship who tries to break away to form a monogamous relationship
Ethical slut: Person choosing to embrace multiple partner relationships without sexual shame
Exclusion jealousy: Most common form of jealousy where a person believes they will lose their primary partner to another lover
Handfasting: Popular form of polyamorous marriage not recognised by the authorities
Metamour: Your partner’s partner
Pansexual: The sexual or emotional attraction without ref­erence to gender or biological sex
Polyfidelity: Polyamorous relationship involving multiple partners but closed to new lovers
Primary: Polyamory person’s main partner
Relationship anarchy: Non-monogamous philosophy originating in Sweden very similar to polyamory
Triad: Most common form of three-person polyamory
Wibble: Temporary feeling of insecurity or jealousy when seeing your partner with another partner