Friday, December 30, 2016

Mandela Effect
This is so very interesting. They talk about a movie called Shazaam which the comedian Sinbad played in but it seems as though the movie never existed. There is also the Berenstein and Berenstain bears. I remember it as Berenstein but supposedly it has always been Berenstain. The color chartreuse is a green-yellow color but I remember it being a reddish color.

Friday, November 25, 2016

I Went To This School

There are 3 videos in the online self-improvement classes that are great so check them out, the weight loss video, the Mental Bank Program and the E&P attraction video. Don't knock it until you try it! Actually the founder of the school, Dr. John Kappas was married to Florence Henderson who recently passed away.

Sunday, September 11, 2016


He was doing so well talking to me about his foot fetish until he told me he hopes he can give me some good dick lol! That's hilarious and I think the best punishment for talking like that would be to tie him up, sit him in a corner to watch a man who actually knows how to fuck, fuck me ;)

Friday, September 9, 2016

Service to a Dominant Woman

Service to a Dominant Woman is serving Her needs, not yours. you might not like some of the activities but so what, it's for Her pleasure, not yours. you might not like the clothing She picked out that day, but so what, it's for her convenience and for Her to be comfortable, not for your convenience or for you the submissive to be comfortable. I will say it now and I will say it again, it is not the clothing or the equipment that makes a Domme, Mistress or what have you, it's Her attitude. If She knows how to take command and dominate you in a pair of sneakers and sweatpants then just shut your mouth. I don't suggest always wearing sneakers and sweatpants but some submissives will actually ask if you can wear that especially in a ballbusting session. A pair of jeans, great looking shoes, and a nice top have been requested by submissives in the past as well. A real Domme doesn't need to show Her tits, ass, and pussy for attention because She knows She doesn't need to do that. It's up to you the submissive to get Her attention, to show that you aren't a wannabe and you are different from the rest. Honestly, if you feel that a Domme should dress a certain way and She doesn't have the outfit you like then maybe you should gift it to Mistress but don't sit there and demand Mistress to wear something just so you are satisfied. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Not My Thing But To Each Their Own

Bipoly: Someone who is bisexual and polyamorous
Cellular family: Group of three or more partners living as a family
Clan: Multi-partner grouping of at least five people
Compersion: Opposite of jealousy, a feeling of deep plea­sure when your partner is with one of his or her other lovers
Condom contract: Agreement between polyamourous members to use condoms with sexual partners outside of the agreement
Cowboy: Someone in a polyamorous relationship who tries to break away to form a monogamous relationship
Ethical slut: Person choosing to embrace multiple partner relationships without sexual shame
Exclusion jealousy: Most common form of jealousy where a person believes they will lose their primary partner to another lover
Handfasting: Popular form of polyamorous marriage not recognised by the authorities
Metamour: Your partner’s partner
Pansexual: The sexual or emotional attraction without ref­erence to gender or biological sex
Polyfidelity: Polyamorous relationship involving multiple partners but closed to new lovers
Primary: Polyamory person’s main partner
Relationship anarchy: Non-monogamous philosophy originating in Sweden very similar to polyamory
Triad: Most common form of three-person polyamory
Wibble: Temporary feeling of insecurity or jealousy when seeing your partner with another partner

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

My Personality Type

This is my personality type and I tell you I can smell bullshit a mile away. The boundaries list is also very similar to my own.

Yesterday Was My Birthday!

I went to the amusement park yesterday and had so much fun! I like to start with the rough rides first. Anyway it was nice having my male friend with me to hold my feminine products, because I didn't have pockets, and to hand me my feminine products when I needed to use the bathroom. Oh yeah boys FYI stop the period shaming on women, it's a natural thing and you boys wouldn't be able to handle a day of having a period so shut the fuck up. Ok, back to my friend, he was a trooper and rode every ride at the park with me even though he was scared to death ;) 

Monday, June 27, 2016

This Is Very Good Stuff!

I have been doing some other reading about the Mayan calendar. Remember when people thought they had predicted the end of the world in 2012? They actually predicted a shift in the earth, and in turn, a change in the peoples thinking. The shift in earth also messed with the magnetic field surrounding the earth and if people's brains are wired to the magnetic field hopefully the people of earth can find better solutions to our problems because the old ways of doing and thinking have never really helped us.

Heard This At The Grocery Store The Other Day!

A classic! Whip it Good!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Second Wind

It's great when you get that second wind. Just when you think you cannot do life anymore, or you cannot finish your workout, you are too tired or whatever it is, you come alive again.

Talk To Me and Take a Look at My Goodies Bag ;)

Monday, June 13, 2016


Good article. It focuses on female abuse by a dominant but I think men also have to beware of women who just want to abuse men.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Some Need To Realize This

I Know Who Is Who

You pathetic boys who want all of these phone conversations so you can jerk off and never come to see Me. I know who is who. you little douchebags like to accuse a Mistress of not being dominant or not being in control but I don't give you the talk time because you just want to jerk your little pathetic dicks over the phone. you pathetic little cunts don't have the balls to come and see a real Mistress lol! If you are offended by this, oh well. you might just take offense because you know the shoe fits, so just lace that fucking shoe up, tie it and wear it.

Friday, May 20, 2016

I Just Updated My Amazon Wishlist!

Miss J needs some workout sneakers. Gifts are never expected but they are appreciated or maybe they are expected ;) Let's go boys Miss J wants to stay fit!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Read This

This is a very good article. A lot of us need to learn to hold space and give space to others.

Monday, May 9, 2016


Thursday, April 28, 2016

Everyone Has Their Thing

Not judging anyone by posting this because everyone has their own thing but this guy is hilarious!

Monday, April 18, 2016


Femdom Play Party at The Wicked Playground. you naughty boys can check out My new facebook page for more information
or you can check out this website

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Have a nice night

I just feel like giving everyone a big fuck you tonight. 

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Sexual or Asexual?

Thursday, February 25, 2016

A Fit Mistress

I need new sneakers for my exercise routines. Let's go, I am not feeling very patient today. You do like your Mistress to stay fit don't you? 

Don't Send Them

Don't send pics of your stupid miniature cocks unless you have permission or Mistress tells you to do it. Lol your little dicks are not impressive to Me, so stop using your tiny penises to do the thinking for you. 

Friday, February 12, 2016

For My Enema Lovers

A great story that someone sent me.
A Klismaphiliac Couple’s Story

My name is John and I am a klismaphiliac. I come from several generations of family members who believed in the benefits of internal body washings. As a child I remember receiving bulb syringe enemas from my mother and grandmother whenever it appeared that I was constipated or under the weather. These enemas were administered very lovingly and gently over their knees in the bathroom. Perhaps more than the enema itself at that time was the close intimate nurturing contact they afforded, and that was what made the enema sessions always pleasurable. By the time I was ten, mom started giving me enemas with a red rubber bag, and as I began to sprout fine pubic hair, I found that the enemas would also gave me a pleasurable erection even though I did not fully understand the sexual implications involving intercourse with the opposite sex and the procreation of the species. With puberty mom would administer my enemas in my bedroom with a sheet over me for modesty but I could tell that she was aware that the enema would make me erect. After each enema she would remove the nozzle and leave the room, allowing me to go into the bathroom I shared with my older brother to release. As with most adolescent boys it didn’t take much time to learn that masturbation was great, and masturbating after my enema with a sequestered copy of Playboy or even just a few clippings of bras and girdles from Mom’s discarded ladies magazines was intensely gratifying.
Since my brother got the same treatment I received from Mom and my grandmother, I realized that he was also enjoying the pleasures of an enema and probably masturbation just like me. One day I heard my brother having a conversation with Mom about being embarrassed receiving his enemas from her and that in the future he wanted his own bag so he “do it” in private by himself. Shortly after that I noticed a still- wet red enema bag with two different nozzles sizes and packets of enema soap in a box on his shelf of the closet in our shared bathroom. Shortly afterwards I gave mom the same spiel about being embarrassed and a couple days later after returning home from school one afternoon I found a box on my bed inside of which was a similar red rubber enema bag with tubing, clamp, and a small and large black nozzle, plus a dozen packets of castile soap. I could hardly wait with excitement for my brother to go to basketball practice so I could give myself my enema with the large nozzle (later I found out it was for douching) and masturbate while looking at my pictures. Even with my own equipment it wasn’t always easy to have the privacy and bathroom to enjoy myself.
Without abusing the excuse, I occasionally would let it be known that I was constipated and needed to go upstairs to make myself feel better thereby letting the rest of this enema family know without actually saying it that I expected privacy for a while to take my enema. More often however I resorted to masturbating in bed with the douche nozzle up my ass to enhance the experience just before going to sleep, and leaving the nozzle inside of me until the next morning when I got up to use the bathroom. As I progressed into my teen years, I became more informed about sex, girls and bodily functions.
While enemas served the basis for my erotic activities, I also became interested in intercourse and menstruation. Girls’ periods were fascinating to me and I often masturbated while reading kotex and tampax ads from ladies magazines. I also came to realize that my mother and father were not only into enemas for health reasons. Late at night and on Saturday and Sunday mornings I observed a lot of

flushings and water being used in their bathroom followed by suspicious noises from their bedroom afterwards. More than once I secreted myself into their bathroom and in the closet found amazing things: on one shelf, covered with a towel was their enema equipment two red 2 quart bags, a really big black pumpkin bag, several large nozzles; and on the upper shelf a big white douche bulb with a cone-shaped shield and douche nozzle, tampons, sanitary napkins and belts, douche solution, and Trojan condoms. I took one of dad’s condoms hoping he didn’t keep count and used it and reused it to make it easier to masturbate in bed at night without making a sticky mess. Such was the life of a horny teenager with my male friends and hesitant relationships with girls.
After graduating from high school, I went away to college and spent the first year in the dorm where enjoying my activities was extremely compromised and utilized only occasionally except for my more frequent anal pal, the douche nozzle. After the first year, I was able to share an old house off campus with several other guys having my own room but having to share the bathroom. This gave me a little more privacy but my enema takings were still way too infrequent. As a college guy I began to date several girlfriends and except for kissing and petting, never had any intercourse, and never ever revealed my fetishes and fantasies.
Following receiving my degree in business I got a job working with a small, upstart Internet company in the LA area. My salary was good enough to be able to have an apartment in a singles complex all to myself. This allowed me to resume the level of enema activities that I desired. On my first day down by the pool, there were several chicks in bikinis reading and sunning themselves on the chaise lounges, lying on their stomachs. I got an erection just fantasizing that each one of these girls had the backside of their bikini bottoms pulled to the side and they were receiving an enema from a pumpkin bag hanging from an IV pole and that I was the poolside “enema” attendant.
Later I actually dated a couple of these ladies and even had sex on several occasions with them but once again was afraid to reveal my love of enemas. About a year after living and working in LA, I decided that I was getting out of shape and needed to tone up and lose a few pounds so I joined a fitness center recommended by one of my co- workers. The fitness center assigned every member to a personal trainer and that was how I met Aileen. She was a strikingly attractive strawberry blond of Irish ancestry, 5’ 9” tall, with firm, high, medium to large breasts. She had graduated from UCLA with a physical therapy degree and initially worked for a group of orthopedists but later quit that job to work at the fitness center finding that she made as much money and her hours were better. We hit it off beautifully from the start, having a lot of similar interests and things in common (more than I ever imagined as I would find out later). After several weeks under her direction, although I lost a little fat, I didn’t lose much weight because I gained some nice muscle. Then one afternoon after my workout, she came around and asked me if I would like to join her on a 5K charity fun run at a nearby park the following Saturday morning and go somewhere together for brunch afterwards. We agreed to meet at the park for the run.
While she dressed somewhat conservatively at the gym, the outfit she wore to the park excited me. It was an electric blue, lycra, tight-fitting pair of bicycle shorts showing a nice camel toe, and a white T-back running bra that instead of squishing her breasts provided good projection and uplift with visible cleavage and a hint of nipple shadow showing through the material. Even her Asics running shoes with white lace ankle socks were sexy. Needless to say I let her run slightly ahead of me throughout most of the run so I could admire her body.

Afterwards we cooled down over some bottled water and orange slices, and since my apartment was considerably farther away than her apartment from the restaurant she had recommended, she suggested that we go to her place to shower and change clothes before having brunch. Once at her apartment she told me to go first to take a shower since she needed to do some last minute things. So here I am, in this sexy chick’s apartment, carrying my gear into her bathroom to shower. After getting out of my sweaty running clothes, I pull back the shower curtain to get in and there, hanging over the towel rack at the back of the tub drying is a white Davol enema bag with hose, and in a plastic cup in the corner of the tub edge is a matching white douche nozzle soaking in soapy water.
As if that wasn’t enough to excite an enema lover, next to the white nozzle is a large black douche bulb with its shield and large nozzle proudly aiming skyward like an erect penis. I was so stimulated looking at these items that I almost forgot to lather up and wash myself. I did get a really hard erection and before rinsing had no choice but to jerk off which later on was beneficial that I did because what Aileen wore out to lunch was so sexy that I developed only a weak woody that was not glaringly noticeable through my shorts.
After Aileen finished showering and changing we took my car to the restaurant. As I said she was really sexy wearing a short floral black skort, black sandals, and a skimpy pink lace spaghetti strap camisole. As we were driving, she apologized for the “stuff” she had forgotten to put away in the bathroom. Like a dunce, I made a comment that I hadn’t noticed anything out of the ordinary, when what I should have done was to have used her comment to break the ice in talking more about her hygienic activities.
Anyway we had a great meal and agreed to do other runs together. On my other visits to her place that always included a trip to her bathroom, none of her equipment was ever left out to see. After several months of dating our relationship became more serious and I proposed and she accepted. During our engagement we kept our separate apartments but slept over frequently. When she was at my place I intentionally left out my bag “drying” a few times. As expected she asked me about the bag and I told her sometimes I needed to take an enema because of “constipation”, and she replied unplussed that she regularly needed to do the same especially during her periods.
After a lavish Catholic Church wedding and country club reception (her parents were well off), we took a flight to Maui for our honeymoon. By the time we finally arrived in Maui following a stop in Honolulu we had been up nearly 24 hours and hadn’t yet gotten to our hotel on the western side of the island at Kapalua. Although we had anticipated a good screw when we got to our room, we were both exhausted and agreed to hit the sack and go for a rested morning fuck instead. Besides, Aileen said that her period was just about to start and she was feeling constipated with a slight headache, bloating and cramps, and that a cleansing enema in the morning would make her wifely duties more enjoyable.
After crashing into a deep sleep, I awoke the next morning with a really full bladder and a hard erection. While relieving myself in the bathroom, I noticed a tampon wrapper and insertion applicator in the wastebasket. Aileen’s period must have started during the night and she had been up earlier to plug up. And her large toiletry bag was open on the counter, and there inside I could see her white enema bag, and her black douche syringe mixed between several unopened napkins and tampons. Getting back into bed she roused slightly and we kissed.
After a long time snuggling and dozing on and off, we awoke and talked. Eileen told me what I already

knew. She asked if I would order room service and while waiting she would freshen up and give herself a nice “tummy wash” and douche before making love. Kissing her gently I reminded her what the priest said the day before that as a married couple we were now one flesh and we were to intimately know, care for and love one another. I explained that since she was feeling under the weather with her period, I would find a couple Advil’s for her to take, and then prepare an enema for her and administer it to her so she didn’t have to get out of the bed. Afterwards I told her I would help her to the toilet and after expulsion, would draw the bath and bathe her, and cleanse her pussy with a nice warm douche. To lovingly do this I explained would make me very happy. Then we would have a nice breakfast in the room and make love. Without hesitation, she nodded her approval, kissed me and pulled the covers up over her head.
Getting up from the bed I was so excited and nervous that I almost ran into the wall getting into the bathroom. Once there I looked into her toiletry bag and extracted her 2- quart bag with matching tubing, and chose the douche nozzle over the smaller rectal pipe. I also got a couple Advil from my dope kit while the water was getting warm in the sink. First I poured the concentrated castille enema soap into the bag and filled it with warm water, then connected the tubing and nozzle and closed the clamp after letting out some air. I was quite a sight returning back into the bedroom, carrying the Advil, a bottle of mineral water and KY in one hand, the enema apparatus and bath towel in the other, and sporting a huge boner that tented out my briefs. After hooking the bag over a brass ornamental protrusion on the bedside wall lamp, I announced to Aileen that everything was ready and “was she ready”? Stirring from under the covers she said “yes” and sat up to take the Advil.
Once again lying flat, she rolled over onto her side facing away from me and pulled up her legs into the knee chest position. First I had her lift up her hips to put the towel beneath her. Then I slipped her baby doll panties down over her legs and off. What a sight beautiful tight ass cheeks, with reddish cunt hair, puffy outer labia with the white tampon string protruding from between the inner labia, and a pink wrinkled rosebud of an anus. After rubbing her cheeks and lower back which made her breathe more deeply and slowly, I squirted out some KY Jelly and after holding it in my palm for a moment to warm it up, gently massaged it over her rosebud and then beyond her tight sphincter with my finger. After gently lubricating her anus with one hand for a minute or more and rubbing her backside with my other hand, I slowly inserted the white nozzle into her rectum.
As I did this she began to breathe deeply and started to sigh and moan ever so quietly. With the nozzle deeply placed through her brown eye and noticeably pulsating to her heartbeat, I waited for a few seconds and then released the clamp on the tubing. As the warm soapy water began to enter her she began to moan more audibly. Although I adjusted the clamp to run slowly, after a few minutes with the bag appearing to be about half empty, Aileen looked back over her shoulder and whispered that I should stop the flow temporarily. As I did so, I reached over and began to massage her abdomen, which now was slightly protruding as though she was a few months pregnant. This must have helped because she signaled to restart the flow and finish up her internal washing. After the bag emptied, I closed the clamp but left the nozzle in place and once again began to massage her body abdomen, thighs, buttocks, small of her back, neck and reached under her baby doll top to fondle her breasts. I am not sure which was harder, my penis or her nipples. As I continued to massage her body, she lay very still for what seemed to be a long time and then she stirred indicating that she needed to relieve herself.

I held the nozzle in her nether place and walked with her carrying the bag and hose to the toilet. Once there and seated I removed the nozzle from her and she began to gush out the soapy water. Then I left the bathroom to give her some privacy during this least erotic aspect of the enema. Soon Aileen came back into the bedroom wearing only her baby doll top, got back into the bed and under the covers, and said that she always needed a second clear water rinse. As soon as I could wash out the soap from the bag and clean the nozzle, I refilled the bag with warm tap water and returned to the bed for the second cleansing enema. Aileen took the second one with some quiet “purring” without interruption. I again massaged her for a while afterwards and then helped her back into the bathroom for her release and then called room service for our breakfast.
After I tipped the bellman, we sat down at the small table and started in on the juice, coffee and pastries. As we discussed our plans for the rest of the day, Aileen said she felt much better and very relaxed, and now she would also like a nice bath and warm douche to make her nice and clean all over. While Aileen sat on the closed commode seat, I prepared her bath. To the warm water I added the bubble soap and complimentary bath crystals provided by the resort. When the water level was rather full, I shut it off and helped my bride out of her baby doll top.
Then with one of her legs positioned on the floor and the other on the commode seat, I gently spread her labia and pulling on the string, removed her bloody tampon, placing it on some tissues on the sink counter to dispose of later. Holding her hand for support, she stepped into the sunken Jacuzzi tub and reclined into the bubble bath I had prepared. Placing myself onto the rim of the tub I watched her while she dreamily soaked, her naked body partially obscured by the soapy bubbles but still able to enjoy those firm breasts with pink nipples and areola, and a glimpse of reddish pubic hair beneath the cloudy water. As a novice I bathed her from top to bottom but the shaving was best. First I started doing her underarms, somewhat nervous but working slowly and carefully, with some instructions from Aileen as I went.
Then I started at her ankles and began shaving up to each of her upper thighs. Aileen then told me that in order to wear her new bikini, I needed to shave her pussy but to leave a small Mohawk just above her cleft. In order to do this and get to her nether areas, I placed a bath towel on the ledge of the tub and had her recline back and spread her legs. First I trimmed the longer hair with a pair of her blunt nosed scissors and then removed the rest from her leg creases and labia, and around her rosebud with the shaving gel and safety razor.
Afterwards she got back into the bubble bath for a final soak before I rinsed her off with tap water from the hand held shower attachment. She enjoyed the drying off with a big fluffy towel and then I helped her into one of the terry bathrobes provided while she told me how to prepare her douche a cap-full of concentrated Zonite solution into the white douche bulb and then filled with warm water. While squatting and straddling over the toilet, I lubricated the big nozzle with my saliva, parted her pussy lips and slowly penetrated her until the cone-shaped shield at the base of the nozzle was securely positioned over her opening. Kissing her first, I emptied the contents of the bulb, holding it there for a moment, and then pulled the douche back to allow the medicated fluid to drain from her vagina and cervix. After repeating this with a second bulb full of douche solution, the fluid returned clear and without any visible blood. Wiping off any residual wetness from her pussy with a moist washcloth, I kissed her again and helped her into her baby doll top and she returned to the bedroom waiting for me to take a quick shower before joining her in bed.

Back into the bed we kissed and caressed for a while and then Aileen began to stroke my erect penis. As my pre-cum began to ooze from the tip of my penis, I had her stop and had her roll back onto her back and spread her legs. Getting into position below her, I then began to eat her out. I hardly needed to lubricate her with my saliva since she was literally oozing with copious salty and tangy vaginal secretions. I tried to take it slow, circling, sucking and tugging on her labia and mound, and then darting my tongue inside her and ever so slowly working up higher into her upper folds to stimulate her clitoris. Soon she began to breathe faster and her legs began to tense up followed by a moaning and convulsive orgasm. Still breathing hard she told me to enter her and I did. Taking it slow to prolong the pleasure was difficult. Soon, even with my slow thrusting, I arrived at that slightly burning, uncontrollable but wonderful feeling, and with waves of pleasure ejaculated into my wife causing her to shudder and moan with another climax of her own.
After lying there together a little sweaty and breathless, with me caressing her breasts, we started to talk and agreed it was time to get out to the beach. Back in the bathroom to freshen up, Aileen indicated she needed another douche and then a tampon before donning her crochet black bikini. Once again I drew warm water into the sink, added a capful of Zonite, and washed out my love’s pussy with a couple bulb-fulls of solution as she sat over the toilet. Gently drying her off, I found a super Tampax in her toiletry bag, opened the paper wrap, lubricated the plastic inserter tip with my mouth and pushed the tampon up into her, leaving the little white string dangling out between her labial lips. Giving me a little peck of a kiss, she got up and put on her new black bikini and I put on my swimming trunks. As we walked out to the pool and beach, Aileen told me that since I had gotten into such good shape under her training, she had bought me a tight Speedo bikini but before I could wear it she would need to shave me nice and clean too.
After a couple of hours on the beach and in the surf, we cooled off at the beach bar for a couple Bloody Mary’s and sandwiches. Then it was back to the chaise lounges on the beach to read and take a nap. Awakening, I rolled over facing Aileen and just looked at her her fantastic body in her skimpy black bikini as she read. By late afternoon we had been in the sun quite a while and realized it was time to go in. Back in the room we opened a couple mini bottles of wine from the mini bar and reclined on the bed. After watching the evening news, Aileen sat up and looking at me seriously told me that even though she knew me pretty well during our courtship, she had not fully appreciated the fact that I was into enemas. Not fumbling like I had when I first saw her enema equipment, I told her that although I received enemas as a child when constipated and ill, I had come to enjoy enemas for the sexually erotic feeling and relaxation from stress they gave me and that I had really enjoyed giving her her enema too. Aileen said that as a child her mother had given her enemas because of frequent constipation, and that after puberty, she became especially constipated during her periods.
Taking daily enemas during her menses not only cleaned her out - relieving cramps, bloating and headaches but allowed her to better able enjoy masturbating during the heightened horniness she experienced during her menses. So for this reason, daily enemas during that time of the month became sexually needed as well. Additionally, she had found that besides the psychological benefit of cleanliness, douching with a warm solution helped relieve cramps too, making douching an equally beneficial and important part of her menstrual enema routine. As we sipped more of our wine, Aileen suggested that before we went to dinner, she needed to shave me so I could wear the new Speedo bikini she had gotten me. Perhaps as a bonus, I would like a nice enema too, she asked? When I said that I had not brought my equipment, she said no problem, she would just clean hers and use it on me.

What an experience my first shave and enema from my wife! Wearing only her bikini, she put a beach towel on the bed and had me recline naked. After trimming my pubic hair, she lathered me up with the shaving gel and made me bare as a baby with the safety razor. Subsequently she brought her enema bag and the douche nozzle in from the bathroom, lubricated my anus for a time and then inserted the nozzle. As the warm solution began to fill into me, she slowly began to stroke my penis. Carefully avoiding letting me ejaculate, she finished the bag and just held me for a while. As the need to empty myself began to strengthen, we went into the bathroom (to prevent any messes on the bed), with the nozzle still impaled into me. Sitting on the toilet, Aileen knelt down and began to suck me off and with her hand between my spread legs, began thrusting the nozzle in and out. The feeling was intense. Even after coming earlier, I emptied a huge load of cum into her mouth and on her face. Then removing the nozzle, she kissed me and left so I could evacuate in private.
After my release, Aileen and I took a shower together. She had received just enough sun on the beach to highlight her covered areas tits and pussy still pale, contrasted and so beautiful. After douching her in the shower, we dried off, and I inserted a fresh tampon into her. She also showed me how to apply a minipad to the crotch of her panties for extra protection. We then dressed she into a sexy cocktail dress and we left the room for a wonderful dinner. During dinner, over more wine, we discussed the activities of the day and what we should do for the remainder of our honeymoon in Hawaii.
The next morning, after a late awakening, I got up and fixed some coffee, and as Aileen sipped hers in bed I prepared for her needed enemas. As before she received it in bed with a good deal of massaging and caressing. Then we retired to the bathroom where I shaved and showered while she released. Afterwards I removed her overnight tampon and helped her into her bath where I touched up her pussy fuzz. Following her rinse, I administered her morning douche and proceeded to eat her pussy and clitoris to another shuddering climax before putting in a Kotex super tampon for her morning’s protection while we toured the Island.
Between hitting the beach at the Hotel and seeing the sights around Maui, which included some scuba diving and bicycling down Haleakala, our water sports included daily enemas for Aileen and myself, douching, shaving, and raw sexual intercourse. On our last full day there we decided to try anal. After a couple slow cleansing enemas with lots of kissing and petting, I put on a condom, liberally lubricated Aileen’s anus, and sitting on a boudoir chair, had Aileen sit and lower herself onto my hard penis. In this position I was able to maximally impale her tight rectum and with her legs spread and feet supported on another chair in front of her, able to finger her pussy and massage her clitoris. We found this especially loving because I was able to co-ordinate my thrusting with my fingering such that we came at nearly the same time. Afterwards Aileen expressed her approval of our back door activity and we decided to make anal sex a part of our ever-expanding married activity.
On the way home on the plane under a blanket I fingered Aileen to a good orgasm and with me wearing a rubber, she masturbated me to the same. Very much in love and pretty constantly hot, we agreed that our honeymoon was a fantastic one and that our sex life after returning home should be one of the greatest intimacy, exploration and mutual gratification.
We have been married now for six months and our sex life is better than ever. From a sex shop in downtown LA we purchased a number of marital items: a double bardex for me so I can enjoy my retained enema while having intercourse, new enemas a white one for Aileen and a black one for myself  

with oversized bulbous nozzles, butt plugs his and hers, vibrators, and a water pick for douching and clitoral stimulation. With my job increasingly successful now, I can work at home with a very flexible office schedule that enables me to attend to Aileen’s needs during her menses. We have made her periods a time for the celebration of her womanhood and feminity. She will circle her expected menstrual days on the calendar so I can anticipate and make plans for celebratory dinners and special events. Aileen has taken garter belts and sewn on two sanitary napkin tabs, one in front and one in back to which can be attached her Kotex pads. This she wears along with gartered stockings around the house over which she will wear a loose fitting dress or sheer gown. It is truly erotic to be able to see Aileen with the garter belt holding the sanitary napkin beneath her dress, and it helps me check on her to see when she needs her pad and tampon changed. During her five or six days of bleeding, I give her her enemas in bed in the morning along with massages, followed by fixing her breakfast, bathing her, keeping her pussy nice and bare and soft, administering her douches and changing her tampons and pads during the day. This is truly a labor of love and she has come to enjoy this intimate personal attention. Twice a week in the evening Aileen gives me my retention enemas with the Bardex and we have sex while I am full.
At other times she will plug me with my big black butt plug before we have vaginal or anal intercourse. Sometimes I will put a butt plug into her before entering her vaginally. Doing this she says makes her feel really full and satisfied. Another thing that I have enjoyed is for Aileen to milk my prostate. Massaging my prostate with her finger while giving me a hand job is truly a mind-blowing experience. We are trying all sorts of new things all the time. Aileen now uses a vaginal and clitoral suction pump several days a week to enhance the fullness of her labia and enlarge her clitoris. When she wears tight Lycra shorts, her mound and cleft are really noticeable and you can even see a small “woody” from her enlarged clitoris, which is a great turn-on for both of us.
We have already discussed getting pierced, for her - nipple rings, a posterior forchette ring, and a clitoral hood stud; and for me a stud at the base of my penis to stimulate her clitoris while in her, and nipple rings. And she has just undergone a spectacular BA resulting in 36G’s plus collagen injections into the areola to make them really puffy. After she gets pregnant we look forward to nursing not only the baby but for me as well. We understand that one can continue to nurse as long as there is suckling so I can nurse from Aileen long after the baby no longer needs to do so. We have already bought some lacy nursing bras where I open the cup and suckle her breasts even though she is not yet pregnant. The only downside to keeping her lactating is that she won’t have periods, but no problem, every month we will take six days and go through the menstrual care ritual anyway.
We are very happy together and our erotic personal hygiene and sexual loving continues to evolve and deepen, making our sacrament of marriage increasingly stronger. Thanks for reading our story. Hopefully other couples can follow the lead and live life and love to the fullest.